The Doctors

Shawn L. Gay, Doctor of Chiropractic

Choosing to become a chiropractor is the first choice any of us face in our profession. Selecting the school for our personal belief starts us off on a path to the chiropractor we will become. I chose Life West Chiropractic College because of its strong philosophical foundation and quality of education. I chose to become an associate doctor to better learn the basic functions of a chiropractic office. After 11 months, I faced one of the crucial choices of business; do I continue working for someone else or do I strike out on my own? I knew I was ready and I opened my practice in a 1000 square foot space in Arlington, Washington. These choices got me to the point where many established chiropractors remain after years in their field.
I knew that running a business was not the last stop for me. Growing up around chiropractors who were dedicated to the philosophy and science of chiropractic made me understand the importance of contributing to the process of chiropractic. It is almost impossible to uphold the principles of our profession without fighting to improve and maintain the integrity of chiropractic. That is why, in 2003, it was an easy choice for me to join the board of the Washington State Chiropractic Association and to accept the nomination as President of the board with my term beginning in 2008. I also sit on the board for the Washington Chiropractic Trust, which is the Political Action Committee that monitors state and federal regulation for chiropractors in Washington. In 2009, I was nominated and accepted into the Chiropractic Knights of the Round Table, which is exclusive to 30 chiropractors in the world.
Arlington Family Chiropractic accepts most insurance plans and we customize our care and adjusting techniques for each patient. We are a modern and up-to-date clinic offering electronic health records and digital x-ray. I am trained in several adjusting techniques including Palmer Package. I am also trained in activator technique, diversified, Gonstead, and toggle. Our office treats patients not only with back pain but also other conditions. These conditions can range from headache, heartburn and even arm and leg pain.numbness. We educate patients on proper biomechanics, posture and ergonomics for work, school and activities of daily living.
I am married with no children. We have one crazy but loveable dog, Luna. I have several hobbies, some of which include: any water related recreation, fishing, hunting, Seahawks, involvement at local horse stables (one of my wife's passions), and volunteering. I have come a long way since my days listening to my uncle and his friends talk about chiropractic. Since my time renting office space, I chose to construct my own building and broaden the reach of chiropractic in my community. I now employ two associates, three massage therapists, and six office staff. My future is full of choices that will impact my personal life, business, and the standing of chiropractic in Washington State and I am excited to see where it leads.

Marcus W. Woodall, Doctor of Chiropractic

I grew up in Omak, WA, attended Eastern Washington University where I met my wife. Together we moved to Northern California where I continued my education and graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in 2003. Life West is internationally recognized for leadership and innovation in chiropractic education, and I was trained in over 13 different chiropractic techniques. After college the decision was made to come home, back to Washington. I joined Arlington Family Chiropractic and specialize in sports, car accident injury , work injuries and the care of children. Each year I stay up to date on techniques and best practices by attending seminars that will help in my daily practice of chiropractic. My wife and I enjoy living in the Arlington community and look forward to raising our son here. The location of Arlington fits perfectly with the lifestyle and activities we love; close to family, the Puget Sound, Seattle, Canada, and the mountains, where we enjoy skiing in the winter and hiking, biking, and camping when the weather is nice.