How does my body heal?

There are three phases the body goes through to heal any injury.

The first phase is simply INFLAMMATION and occurs within the first 48-72 hours post injury. During this phase the most important thing to do is control the inflammation, usually by using ICE and avoid further irritation to the area.

The second phase of healing, up until 6 weeks post injury, is when your body begins to REPAIR AND REGENERATE. This is when scar tissue formation occurs. Our muscles and organs are covered with a material much like plastic wrap, thats called fascia. When injured, the scar tissue turns this area of "plastic wrap" into a material much like "wax paper", to be injured again or torn more easily unless it is knitted together properly from the beginning. The most important thing to do during this phase is gentle, pain free adjustments, exercises and stretching. By starting motion as early as possible with chiropractic adjustments we can stop the scar from becoming too large, and allow the tissue it is healing to regain its flexibility and strength.

The third phase of healing, which can take up to 3 months, is when the tissues REMODEL AND MATURE. The only way that the body can complete this healing process is by the performance of specific adjustments and exercises prescribed for your individual needs. Adjustments and exercises geared toward increasing range of motion and building strength and endurance through safe ranges of joint motion will enable the body to heal with strength, balance, and stability and be less prone to re-injury.